Ignite Your Heart,

Illuminate Your Part.


Stoke your Woke Interactive Journal is where mindfulness meets social and environmental justice. It urges us to pull out our equity lens, clean it off and get to work. Now more than ever, the world needs all of us to grow into and offer our highest qualities in service to creating a world that works for all. 


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Powerful and transformation when done alone, the journal is an equally dynamic resource for small groups. It helps us uncover our blind-spots and identify our gifts. Its a community builder and a grower of equity muscles, calling us to think with our hearts and minds. 

a wake-up call.

As a society, we’ve grown ill. The collective ‘we’ has been replaced by the individualistic ‘me’. The aim of this journal is to set a million small fires in the consciousness of many, urging all of us to snap out of the trance and begin to act on behalf of more than our small selves. 

the journal in action.

We’ve been piloting the process in schools, hosted public gatherings at our local library, community common houses and living rooms. We’ve watched people walk in as strangers and walk away friends, find their voice and share their truth.


Social Emotional Learning

Stoke Your Woke Interactive Journal has woven its way into schools and communities with the intention of providing a “third thing” to start meaningful, connecting conversations. Using the journal and its process, teachers and facilitators have tools to build cultures of empathy, compassion and respect for all members.



“Stoke Your Woke presents a clear framework for facilitating balanced group dialogue. It allows groups to process big subjects while empowering each participant to speak their truth in a safe space. Carol and Casey, are passionate about building community and airing different perspectives to create broad understanding. These intentions show clearly within Stoke Your Woke.”

heather nelson

Owner & Yoga Instructor, Mudra Yoga, Eugene, OR


How will you ‘be’ in the world?

We encourage you to integrate the journal in a way that supports your life. Individually, it will unlock your inner world and help you identify your part. Collectively, it builds relationships, fosters understanding and trust in the spaces where we live and work.