The time is now.
What’s your part?


Where We Work 


spiritual spaces

Mudra Yoga Teacher Training
Eugene, OR

Heather Nelson utilized the Stoke Your Woke facilitation process with her students as a teaching tool to explore leading workshops and holding structured conversations. Students experienced a facilitated session and left with a guide to support future work.

educational spaces

Community Questions
January-June 2019 (Downtown Bend Library)

On the first monday of each month, community members gather at the Downtown Bend Library to answer a question from the journal and share their answers. This is a free event and open to the public.

intentional spaces

Higher Ground Cohousing Community
January 2019 (Bend, OR)

Stoke Your Woke activated this intentional neighborhood though interactive games inspired by questions from the journal. “Speed Stoking” proved to be a great success in getting people talking.


Opening the doors to let emotion in.

Stoke Your Woke Interactive Journal has woven its way into educational and community building environments with the intention of providing a “third thing” to start meaningful, connecting conversations. By using the journal and its methods, teachers and facilitators have what they need to build cultures of empathy, compassion and respect for all members.



“We live in times that overwhelm us with a tsunami of suffering; stories about environmental devastation, violence, poverty, racial and political unrest fill our computer screens daily, 24/7.

Many wonder, ‘What is my response and duty in the face of this cacophony of need?’

If this is you, be encouraged! This journal offers a creative, self-guided study designed to help you ask questions regarding your gifts, interests, passions, and your deepest desires to make a contribution, and where you can begin. Intended to engage you in an inner journey of inquiry through writing, you can also use it with a group, a partner or friend. By the end of this process, you may have the answer to where to place your time and talents in this crossroads of history, or least a sense of peace that you had the courage to ask the questions!”

caryl ann casbon

NW poet, writer, speaker, interfaith minister, spiritual director, and facilitator through the Center for Courage & Renewal.


Our Vision:
To create a world that works for all

Our mission: To embody social and environmental wellbeing
We encourage you to integrate the journal in a way that supports you. Individually, it can unlock your inner world and help you identify your part. Collectively, it will work to build relationships, and foster understanding and trust in the spaces where you live. We are here to support your work as you support our mission and vision. Let’s work together to customize a plan that works for you and your part of the world.