Believers in human kind.

This journal is a commitment to question, in an alive way, how we live.

The questions found in Stoke Your Woke rained down on Carol Delmonico in August 2017 when the Pacific Northwest was on fire, and Texas and Asia were drowning. The air quality at her home in Oregon was extremely hazardous for many days in a row, and a sense of despair was apparent all around her. She asked herself;

What is my place in the ongoing conversation about how we share and care for our world? In particular, how do we care for the most vulnerable among us, including the more-than-human world, who is speaking up louder and louder every day?

As she stood in front of her computer in the early morning light, these juicy questions came pouring out, like a flood, onto the blank page. It became very evident to her that these questions needed to be shared with the world, to be discussed in group, to be pondered alone, to work on people so they could, in turn, work on them.

Carol invited her friend, Casey Davis, to join her in designing an engaging journal that would draw people in through its beauty and creativity. Beauty helps us hold challenging times and in this case, expansive and exposing questions with more ease. It provides comfort and reminds us that as we move through darkness and uncertainty, in the end, beauty will be our reward.

We hope you find this journal a fun, inspiring approach to explore your habits, our culture, and the lens through which you view the world. In loving and embracing these questions, and living into the answers, may we find ourselves a step closer to creating a world that works for all.
— Carol Delmonico & Casey Davis, Stoke Your Woke co-creators

Carol Delmonico is a compassionate disruptor of the status quo, visionary well-being coach, RN, and a mama who has an innate belief in humanity. She coaches and mentors humans who are open to engaging in fresh perspectives. Carol is fearless in her quest to create a world that works for all.  Her passions include laughing, dancing, and sitting by the river with her feet in the water. Get in touch with her here.

Casey Davis is a mother, a designer, and a community advocate who seeks out projects that create positive environmental and social impact. She enjoys working collaboratively with creative thinkers to envision and create a world where everyone has equal opportunity to thrive. Check out her design work and community building efforts.

Carol & Casey live as neighbors, friends and benevolent co-conspirators in an intentional community in Bend, Oregon.