A drop in the bucket

Most days there are moments of grief that flow in and around me. Moments of sorrow about what is happening in our country, the world, my community.

When I momentarily, or for days, lose touch with my joy, I feel isolated and alone. I get pulled into the world of separateness.
I forget that connectivity is my birthright. That we are, it all is, CONNECTED.

I forget that my "drop in the bucket" connects to a river of change, or as Joanna Macy calls it “The Great Turning”.

The web of life continues to show us there is no separation, and yet we live in a world that creates all kinds of distractions to that knowing. Aaargh. 

So for today when I drop into my heart I remember that my not using plastic bags,
along with your buying local produce,
along with my daughter riding the bus to work,
along with the volunteers helping out with a local campaign,
along with the person who picks up litter,
along with the bicycle riding commuter,
along with the local farmers growing organic or spray free vegetables,
along with the person who is willing to care for individuals who are living with domestic violence,
along with the writers, musicians and creatives who lift our spirits and give voice to our shadow and our light,
along with the brave people fighting fires,
along with those helping out at detention centers...I could go on and on but I know you get the picture. 

If you'd like, take a moment.
Take one full slow breath.
Every time you make a choice from a place of remembering that all of your choices impact everything, you put a drop in the bucket. 

All together our drops add up to millions of buckets pouring into a river of change. A river of connectivity, and care, and love for the world. That river can wind it's way through the hearts of all of humanity. We are the river.
You are not alone.
We are in this together.
Can you hear the drops?

Casey Davis