All we want for Christmas...

…is a world that works for all.

To do this, we created this book, Stoke Your Woke, and a group process to help us all do our part! Fashioning a world that works for all takes shifting our collective consciousness in favor of interdependence. Stoke Your Woke is a consciousness changing process!

It works. It’s powerful and connecting. It’s subtle and direct. It’s kind and fierce.

We were called, from our hearts, to share this book and process, and we’ll keep putting it out until the cows come home, or our hearts say stop. And we could use your help. Would you help us grow the “we” consciousness? 

1.  Would you be willing to send an email out to three friends introducing them to Stoke Your Woke and sharing why you love it?  Why they might too?

2.  Would you be willing to connect us to people your know who are doing social justice/mindfulness work?

3.  Do you know someone who hosts a podcast or has a blog or newsletter? Would you introduce us?

4.  Would you Invite us to speak and share our process with a group you are involved in? Face to face, or over Skype.

5.  Would you be willing to post our website and a note about Stoke Your Woke on your facebook page, or instagram?

What you’ll receive from us:

  • Let us know you did it!  one or all five...and we will put your name in a hat for a drawing for a free journal (drawing the end of January)

  • Our undying love! 

  • Gratitude from future generations.

  • Ask us. We’ll do what we can to support you.

With deep care and a holiday hug,
Carol and Casey

Casey Davis