Reverence. Just saying the word. Letting it roll off my tongue, brings me to my heart.

Reverence means: To hold in high esteem. To cherish, value, prize. Deep respect for someone or something.

I've pondered long and deep about how to make a plug for “reverence first” when it comes to the more than human world. The missing “R” that ought to be sitting beside resource and recreation.

Here’s a little history:

I live in Bend, Oregon whose mill town era was on it's last breath in 1989.

As we moved into the 90’s we became a recreation town.

Then came the 21st century and we became a recreation mecca. The economic wheel is tourism through recreation. People come to ski, mountain bike, fly fish, golf, kayak, camp, hike... you name it, we’ve got it.

And it’s taking a toll on the more than human world. Tourism, and unchecked growth. Progress we call it.

The day I penned this I went cross-country skiing with my daughter. 
Moving side by side in the beauty of the windblown, white landscape had us awe-swept.

And on the drive back down, seeing bumper to bumper traffic.
I felt sad and confused. I love being in the natural world on skis. I love the more than human world.

My driving to ski isn’t helping.

And my imagination alighted here: What if the clouds spelled reverence, and it was written in the dirt, and the waves in the river shouted it, and the birds in the trees sang it, and the snow covered trees were enveloped with it, and it was tattooed on our hearts. ------

Because maybe if we start being reminded everywhere we look-- reverence will take seed, our behaviors will change, in big and small ways, and the more than human world will bow it’s head in deep gratitude--- right back at us.

That’s my dream anyways...

How do you feel about the more than human world?
How would cultivating reverence support you, and it?

Let's put our hearts together on this one.

Musingly yours,

Carol Delmonico