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Let's get crystal clear. The content, time and money used to create Stoke your Woke came from us, our supportive community of friends, and a generous contributor. Currently, it is a short run of 225 journals that live in a box at Carol's house in Oregon, not an warehouse. Yep, we are small potatoes. Sales will go toward printing more journals in hopes of reaching more people. We dream that this seed will grow into a significant contribution in creating a world that works for all.
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Journals cost $24.95/each and orders of 5+ will be discounted to $21.95/each. (plus $3.99 for shipping one book. More than one we'll let you know the shipping fee.)  Orders will be mailed out Wednesdays and Saturdays, so please adjust your "speedy" delivery expectations. For now, we are two women trying to change the world with this piece of work, not add heavily to our carbon footprint by making multiple trips to the post office whenever an order comes in. Thanks for understanding!

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