Building trust, communication and relationship takes work and is vital for healthy workplaces. The Stoke Your Woke Group Facilitation model has been used during Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) staff trainings to foster relationship building, deepen understanding among team members and has sparked changes to organizational values and operational procedures. The process enables various personality types and learning styles to contribute. Equitable allotment of sharing time and a listening only framework create trustworthy space for all voices, ideas and beliefs to enter the room.

Along with addressing workplace communication and care, Stoke your Woke is also a useful tool for boards looking to connect and get to know one another. It can be especially helpful for groups who have diverse members with diverse perspectives. It can also be an effective way to connect boards with the people they serve. Facilitation training programs are in place so leaders and team members can lead their organizations in the Stoke Your Woke process. Connect with us for more information on trainings.


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Carol and Casey were asked to facilitate a two hour session with 22 of Mountain Star Relief Nursery’s administrative staff, support staff and interventionists using a question identified by the organization that was applicable to their work. Mountain Star is a non-profit that works directly with vulnerable families in an effort to keep children in Deschutes, Jefferson, and Crook counties safe from abuse and neglect. This session was a part of a day long Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Training.

“Our team is so appreciative of the Stoke Your Woke training. All the comments that I received from my staff were positive and how people felt ‘included and valued’. Thank you, Carol and Casey!”

Kara Tachikawa / program director / mtn. star relief nursery


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