Stoke Your Woke is a perfect match for groups in search of a new way to connect, engage and push their edge.

Maybe it is a dinner group looking to connect over food and conversation in the comforts of a home. Or a book group looking to try something new. It could be a social justice group looking to deepen their dialogue and collective understanding about current topics of interest.

Without fail, we are amazed at how willing people are to be vulnerable and share their stories with people they may not know well using this process. Neighbors connect, acquaintances exchange phone numbers and someone always asks when we can meet again. People have even used it on first dates as an efficient way to get to a prospective mate on a deeper level.

Use the journal or minijournals with:

  • book groups

  • women’s or men’s groups

  • social justice, environmental groups

  • reconnect with family members

  • intentional communities / cohousing communities

  • dinner groups

  • first dates!

Speed Stoking


Speed Stoking borrows its format from speed dating in that participants have just two minutes each to share their answer with a partner before moving onto a new question and new partner. There is no responding. Participants are either sharing or listening and then move on to the next partner. It is a fun way to see what comes up immediately in response to a question. It works well as an icebreaker to get people to interact and engage at the start of a workshop or collaborative gathering. It also encourages participants to formulate and deliver succinct answers. 


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