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Stoke Your Woke is a personal growth and community building tool that bridges mindfulness and social and environmental justice. It works in schools as curriculum for social emotional learning (SEL), leadership training and creates compassionate, resilient cultures. Used alone it changes you so that you can be the change. When shared in groups, it builds community, understanding and trust. It is a wake-up call for humanity to look at ourselves and outside ourselves, our culture, our beliefs and how we are all connected in order to create a world that works for all.

The 52 questions fall within these 10 categories: Community, Compassion, We the People, Legacy, Belonging, The More than Human World, Inclusivity, Self Awareness, Connectivity and Cultural Norms. Thought provoking prompts will help you move through each question and draw out thoughts, beliefs and personal truths.

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Each page is a journey. Each question is laid out as a two page spread. The top left corner is where it begins, with the primary evocative question. 

The image is there to give a deeper backdrop to the subject. Take time with it.

The prompts are sprinkled across the pages. You can answer them in any order that pleases you. There may be a prompt that doesn’t resonate. No worries. Skip it. 

Save  What’s Been Woke?, on the bottom right of the second page, for the end of your journey. What has become clear during this journey? Is there an action you want to take? A behavior you want to look at more closely? What is the part you want to play now?


Self Study  Do it on your own.

The Buddy System Find a partner and share.

Cross the Divide Reconnect with family members or friends who are far away in location or perspective.

Groups Bring this journal to already established groups, congregations, schools, work groups, board rooms, trainings, spiritual groups, or start a group in your living room.

(For guidance with groups, download our Group Process & Facilitation Guides.)

Stoke Your Woke Complete Journal
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Stoke Your Woke Complete Journal

52 questions, 10 categories, 132 pages.
Through a series of timely questions with thought provoking prompts, this journal will guide you to uncover personal direction and clarity around this most pressing question:
What is your part to play during this transformative time?

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