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We’ve taken each of the 10 topics from the journal and made individual mini journals. With 5-7 questions per journal, this mini version is a perfect solution for classroom curriculum and groups focussed on a specific topic or as a trial before buying the full journal. Here is a list of the mini journals along with a sample question from each:

Community How do you measure giving back to your community?
How do you respond to the suffering of another living thing?
We the People
What is needed for our most vulnerable populations?
How will your legacy support the future of our children’s children?
How could you hold your own truth and listen openly to someone who has a different truth?
The More-than-Human World
What are you willing to change to take care of the more-than-human world?
Share an experience of getting to know someone you saw as “other” and having a change of heart about them.
What are your superpowers?
How do you connect with people outside your private life?
Cultural Norms
Who has written and spoken the history you carry with you? Whose voices may have been left out, and how can we bring those voices into the cultural narrative?


Each page is a journey. Each question is laid out as a two page spread. The top left corner is where it begins, with the primary evocative question. 

The quote and image are there to give a deeper backdrop to the subject. Take time with them.

The prompts are sprinkled across the pages. You can answer them in any order that pleases you. There may be a prompt that doesn’t resonate. No worries. Skip it. 

Save  What’s Been Woke?, on the bottom right of the second page, for the end of your journey. What has become clear during this journey? Is there an action you want to take? A behavior you want to look at more closely? What is the part you want to play now?


Self Study  Do it on your own.

The Buddy System Find a partner and share.

Cross the Divide Reconnect with family members or friends who are far away in location or perspective.

Groups Bring this journal to already established groups, congregations, schools, work groups, board rooms, trainings, spiritual groups, or start a group in your living room.

Stoke Your Woke Mini Journals

Choose one of the 10 categories found in the complete Stoke Your Woke Journal. Mini Journals are great for book groups, teams or to integrate into almost any training or curriculum. (Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.)

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