Reviews from students and educators:

Casey and Carol, the co-creators of Stoke Your Woke, are facilitators that lead with their hearts. These two wonderful women came to my school and made a significant impact on my 4th graders. They provided an experience of value, voice, and community that my students will never forget. In today’s classroom, finding opportunities to have thoughtful and meaningful communications about what is important to you, yourself, AND have a generous listening for you to be heard...well, that is a gift. You could even say that it was a transformative experience in that my students felt safe to say what was truly on their minds, with no judgment. As an educator, it was pure joy to observe my students lighting up like light bulbs and share in the growth. What a fantastic experience. Thank you Casey and Carol!
— Wendy Pierce, Amity Creek Elementary School, Bend, OR

The benefits to mindfulness teaching and relating have been very clear. Teaching various mindfulness techniques help children self-regulate their emotions. Students are more aware when their emotions are spiked or triggered and then have strategies to react or respond with age and culturally appropriate responses. My experiences with the Stoke Your Woke Journal have enriched my life.”

Seth Graham, Bear Creek Elementary School, Bend, OR

“Stoke your Woke Journal was mind stretching for me. It was topics that I never really think about in-depth. The two questions that I always had the hardest time answering were, ‘What wisdom could our indigenous grandmothers offer’ and ‘How do out great-great grandchildren hope we answer this question’. I enjoyed sharing in class what we wrote about. It was nice to hear how others answered the same question. How they interpreted the questions.”

Early Childhood Development Program Student, Central Oregon Community College

“I really like this process. I have been picking random ones to do on the daily as well, it really makes you think and even come to terms on what you feel and want. I even find myself asking people these questions. It’s a good way to get to know people and a much deeper level. Overall I think it is a worth while activity that i will keep doing.”

Early Childhood Development Program Student, Central Oregon Community College

Reviews from fans, private journal users
& group event participants:

"Carol and Casey do an amazing job creating community through conversation. Their skill at facilitating transformed a group of strangers into a circle of friends." 

Liz Goodrich, Deschutes Public Library, Program Coordinator

"This was a wonderful experience that allowed me to go much deeper into the topic than I would have on my own. This is the kind of thing our society desperately needs." 

Tara Brightenbucher, Psychotherapist, Facilitator, Journal User

“I used two of the questions with my mother and brother recently—wow! The questions opened up a window into them and I saw and heard some things I never knew about them. The questions helped me connect in a new, depthful way to the people I care about, but can’t always relate to. I am so grateful for that.” 

Ellen Santasiero, Writer, Journal User

We live in times that overwhelm us with a tsunami of suffering; stories about environmental devastation, violence, poverty, racial and political unrest fill our computer screens daily, 24/7. Many wonder, ‘What is my response and duty in the face of this cacophony of need?’ If this is you, be encouraged!

This journal offers a creative, self-guided study designed to help you ask questions regarding your gifts, interests, passions, and your deepest desires to make a contribution, and where you can begin. Intended to engage you in an inner journey of inquiry through writing, you can also use it with a group, a partner or friend. By the end of this process, you may have the answer to where to place your time and talents in this crossroads of history, or least a sense of peace that you had the courage to ask the questions!
— Carol Ann Casbon, NW poet, author, interfaith minister

“Carol and Casey facilitated a process that was sacred safe and deep. I felt a sense of hope and community, and learned some new things about myself in a very gentle way.” 

Vicki Avila, Stoke Your Woke Circle Session Participant

“I am delighted to offer my gratitude to Casey and Carol for this creative, illuminating and accessible workbook. The questions invite deep inner listening and, in a gentle yet penetrating way, encourage the reader to bring our personal and societal concerns and actions into alignment. As someone who actively explores most of these issues in my life, I found new insights and discoveries.

I highly recommend ‘taking the plunge’ into this engaging inquiry. May we all awaken to our deepest values and find ways of enacting them in our lives!” 

Russell Delman, The Embodied Life™ and Feldenkrais® Practitioner

"Appreciation for this process. What a huge difference it makes to hear each other. It Stokes Our Woke!"

Sarah Mason, Stoke Your Woke Circle Session Participant

"We all are concerned about where are world is headed...every one of us. But concern is unproductive. Its neighbor “worry” stresses our adrenals and leads to anything but peace on earth! This beautiful and provocative book by Carol Delmonico and Casey Davis provides thought seeds to plant in conversation with people you already care about or with people you don’t yet know. As we take the time to ponder these rich questions and quotes, we will surely be led to our own right actions to steer our world in a more positive direction. As a minister, I can readily imagine using this book as the kindling for a rich and fiery group.”

Reverend Jane Hiatt, Sr. Minister, Unity Community of Central Oregon


Reviews from
Belonging: Self and World Retreat

“I love how embodied this experience was! Integrating soulful wondering with sensations in my body brought the experience to the present moment in a powerful way. Stoke Your Woke is pulling back layers of cultural expectations and norms helping us recover our innate capacity for awareness and community-building.”


“I felt a sense of community and interconnectedness that is profoundly vital in all of our life journeys. Sharing our truth about the struggles and joys of a sense of belonging was of great value.”

Donna Chisholm

Did I have an aha moment? “Yes, That I’ve never had a good relationship with the act of belonging, and that I have the power to shift that and see the intelligence in it. That I can do something with it rather than feel powerless and helpless.” What was woke? “How not alone I am in my need to belong.”


“It was great to use the Stoke Your Woke book in a group setting. It really helps to do this work together. For me, the aha of “belonging” tied to the awareness of the importance of staying connected to my authentic self (self-belonging) as well as connected to others. I feel much peace.”


“I’m so grateful for this circle. I woke for the fact that I can remember myself everyday, that I do belong, since ancient times. I’m filled up.”

Cecilia Marques

“Within minutes after thinking about a question people opened up and shared their hearts with honesty and respect. At the end of sharing was a resolution to move forward.”