Why should I stoke my woke?

A Shift in Consciousness. In the book, Active Hope, by Joanna Macy and Chris Johnstone they identify Three Pillars of The Great Turning (this time we are living in now, we hope): Holding Actions, Structural Change and a Shift in Consciousness. In order for significant change to arise, we must have a cognitive revolution and a spiritual awakening. This is where the journal comes in.

Stoke Your Woke Interactive Journal calls upon us to do just this: to wonder about and question the world around us, our collective values and our participation. What’s just? What is our culture telling me? Who wins and who suffers? What role am I playing in this? The journal works to spark curiosity and wonder and asks us to examine our institutions, processes, cultural norms and personal habits around issues of social and environmental justice.

Here are ways that the journal works:

  • It’s a bridge between mindfulness and social justice.

  • It’s a social emotional learning (SEL) tool for school environments.

  • It’s a personal growth tool that helps us grow aware of our beliefs, patterns, passions and work in the world.

  • It encourages us to look outside ourselves and our own lives.

  • It helps us identify the water we swim in: where we live in the cultural landscape.

  • It helps us process trauma (trauma-informed care).

  • It expands our thinking and grows our capacity to wonder.

  • It acts as a third thing. It is a something, a place we go, rather than a someone, asking the evocative questions for us to engage with. It offers neutrality.

  • It questions our actions, habits and lifestyle.

  • It questions our privilege, our anthropocentrism, and equity in the world.

When used in groups (using the facilitation guide):

  • It equalizes voices and who gets to talk.

  • It’s a community building tool that models a new way to be together and hear each other.

  • It holds space for diverse ages, races and beliefs.

  • It creates an opportunity to hear from people who hold different stories than we do.

  • It’s a practice place where we can sit in the “I don’t know”, consider more than one solution or opinion. We can practice neutrality. No answer is right or wrong. The questions are open-ended.

stoke your woke is a wake up call for all of us: to identify our blindspots, shift our consciousness and examine our roles in creating a world that works for all.


where does it work?

  • Middle schools

  • High schools

  • Universities

  • Self-study and transformation

  • Team/community-building, culture creation

  • Communities with diverse members

  • Co-housing/Intentional communities

  • Co-working spaces

  • Yoga studios

  • Creative innovation arenas

  • Book clubs looking for something new

  • Boardrooms and Board retreats

  • Facilitation training’s

  • Churches & places of worship